Sistema de Pago Seguro


No matter what type of livestock you need to weigh, (Cattle, Cattle, Equine, Pig) not even the amount of heads, in TiendaBalanzas TECNOBAL we have the electronic livestock scale that will solve your problems of weighing livestock and for a long time, because our scales are resistant, robust and high durability, manufactured with the most advanced technology that guarantees a long time of validity and topicality of our equipment. With our Electronic weighing scales for livestock it is possible to weigh your animals individually or collectively, we have the equipment weigher just tailored to your needs. Our weighing systems are electronic scales and are composed of an electronic weight indicator and 2 weighing bars that can be placed in different equipment; a platform, a press or a cage.

The manufacture of our livestock scales is based on steel Coated with epoxy paint and its weight sensors are built in nickel-plated steel to offer the scale greater resistance to corrosion to withstand harsh working conditions in a livestock environment.


The high performance of the small scales required a housing and protections IP-66 or higher to work in more hostile industrial environments and provide high durability.

That's why industrial scales are so necessary in companies and in TiendaBalanzas we have all of them, in capacities up to 30Kg and 60Kg.


We have the solution you need from receipt of goods to the labeling of your products. Engineering, truck scales, weight indicators, weighing platforms, weighing pallet trucks, weighing systems, control, selection and automatic or manual labeling, weighing silos, baggers and weighers.

Our experience in industrial weighing, scales and balances supports us

The best Scales and Balances on the market