Sistema de Pago Seguro


Objective: To reduce the mobility of live animals in order to be heavy.

  • Metal cages fixed to a platform of various models and capacities.
  • Weighing bars of 2 sizes and several capacities to hold a cage on top.
  • Built in painted steel or stainless steel.
  • Can be combined with most weight indicator displays.
  • Indicator versions with ticket and no ticket.
  • Computer output option.
  • External or remote printer output option via wifi.

    Industrial Scales:

    Objective: Packaging of vegetables or fruits from the field where there is usually no electricity.

    • Bench-top, compact and very light balances that work with batteries or batteries.
    • Capacity from 3Kg to 30Kg.
    • Fraction from 1g to 10g.
    • Large LCD screen.
    • Basic models.
    • Ideal for picking strawberries, mushrooms, etc ...

      Industrial scales:

      Objective: Bagging and packaging of fruits from the field where there is electricity.

      • Very sturdy floor or bench scales with attached indicator display, column or separate.
      • They work with electricity and some also have a battery.
      • Capacity from 15Kg up to 60Kg.
      • Fraction from 5g to 20g.
      • Computer output option.
      • Printer output option.
      • Ideal for potatoes, oranges, apples, etc ...